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Stainless steel market out of the "dream" trend

TIME:2016-12-10   AUTHOR:   SOURCE:   VIEWS: 538

First of all, the rise since 10 began, has accumulated some varieties have risen 300 yuan / ton, while the current production enterprises generally have objective profit, this situation is bound to stimulate the production of steel full load power, originally scheduled maintenance plan will also push back.

Secondly, the future of the northern weather growing cold, cyclical weaker demand is predictable, from the fundamentals of supply and demand point of view, does not support the continued high prices, once the mentality of the market return to the rational, the price correction is an inevitable trend. And then it is easy to form a stampede incident.

Finally, the market is not spread north and south, especially the strip type resources are spread north and South in a reasonable range limit, even upside down state, which is not conducive to the future of the northern market resources circulation. Long products resources at present there is a certain spread space, but the recent steel resources for the south is not positive, mainly is the recent Northern prices up, plus the transportation problem and the uncertainty of judgment in the latter part of the market, result of mills and business resources are not very keen south.

Therefore, from the above aspects, the merchant's concern is not without reason, the current rapid price pull up, according to the laws of the past, it is easy to form a high stage. With the market mentality under downward pressure "vulnerability", "price war" may also be triggered at any moment. So, I hope you quickly pull up when the market can be more calm and cautious, grasp the rhythm of imports and exports, Mo Zhui high operating.