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Crude steel production fell stainless steel market supply and demand situation tends to improve

TIME:2016-12-10   AUTHOR:   SOURCE:   VIEWS: 520

1-10 months of China's crude steel, pig iron and 316L stainless steel plate cumulative production of 672 million 960 thousand tons, respectively, 586 million 350 thousand tons and 948 million 290 thousand tons, an increase of 0.7%, respectively, an increase of 2.4%. In October China's crude steel, pig iron and steel production were 68 million 510 thousand tons, 58 million 760 thousand tons and 97 million 680 thousand tons, an increase of 4%, 3.6% and 4.1% respectively; the average yield was 2 million 210 thousand tons, 1 million 895 thousand and 500 tons and 3 million 151 thousand tons, compared with September average daily production decreased by 2.74%, 4.14% and 3.63% respectively. The subject to the coal price rose and supply, October domestic steel production maintenance increased, crude steel production chain fall, the market tends to improve the situation of supply and demand.

Insiders said that compared with the growth rate of crude steel production, coal production fell sharply year on year, which is the main cause of the coal market resources, prices rose. Despite the recent sharp rise in domestic steel prices, but in the coal, ore prices continued to rise situation, steel prices have not significantly improved profitability.

According to the west of the Shinkansen monitoring, as of November 14th, 321 domestic stainless steel plate production enterprises gross profit per ton to 67 yuan / ton, with the new raw material cost calculation part of the steel enterprises are still at a loss situation, the cost of the current steel prices still strong support.