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The iron and steel industry upgrade leveraging "Internet plus" to enhance effective supply

TIME:2016-12-10   AUTHOR:   SOURCE:   VIEWS: 672

It is reported that, under the stimulus of the policy, the steel industry to fulfill the task ahead of schedule. In November 11th, the national development and Reform Commission relevant responsible person said, as of the end of October, the steel has been completed ahead of 45 million tons annual capacity to target task.

In order to guard against the price induced by the elimination of production capacity recovery, "planning" to raise the level of effective supply and demand of the steel industry, the development of intelligent manufacturing. Speeding up informationization, digitalization and manufacturing technology integration and development of iron and steel manufacturing, make full use of the "Internet plus" model, big data etc..

Xu Guangrui said, intelligent manufacturing can promote the steel industry from four aspects: one is to streamline the transformation and upgrading process, improve labor productivity; the two is to enhance the intelligence and flexibility, improve the steel industry and the effective supply of high-end supply; the three is to improve the whole steel industry chain resources integration level, release scale synergies; the four is to improve the monitoring and industry self-discipline level, is conducive to the smooth steel industry capacity to achieve two major goals and green development.

"In the future, collect and feedback on the development of the industry and will play an important role in iron and steel industry big data analysis, not only in the production link, each link of the iron and steel industry development, procurement, sales, service and so will realize information sharing, resource allocation efficiency will be significantly improved." Xu Guangrui told reporters.

Zhejiang Gongshang University School of economics professor Li Yonggang told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, "planning" stressed the need to use the Internet in the iron and steel industry in the whole industry process of re integration, all aspects of the steel production, supply and sales of China Unicom together through the Internet platform, which can improve operation efficiency.

"Overall, the steel industry and the Internet, big data integration, our country is advancing the" Chinese manufacturing intention 2025 "national strategy, accelerate the construction of intelligent plant, and it is also the objective requirement of China's industrial upgrading, improve the development environment, it is our country to have righteousness to a manufacturing power." Xu Guangrui said. The iron and steel industry upgrade leveraging "Internet plus" to enhance effective supply