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Stainless steel stocks rose slightly on the policy is expected to form a positive supply and demand

TIME:2016-12-10   AUTHOR:   SOURCE:   VIEWS: 1145

Driven by multiple factors, the recent sharp rise in commodity prices, iron ore futures and other varieties frequently limit. Insiders said that the policy is expected to form a positive supply and demand of both ends of stainless steel, futures, steel prices rose, the market sentiment, short-term spot stainless steel prices rose sharply. However, the current price of stainless steel is more emotional promotion, the lack of support for terminal demand, if the late demand can not be timely follow-up, stainless steel prices rose after the risk is bound to face a sharp decline.

After entering March, with the rise of temperature, the site started last week, the stainless steel market transactions more active, brokers in the bullish case also actively replenish inventory, overall inventory levels continue to rise slightly.

Analysts said stainless steel inventories rose slightly, the current inventory levels decreased compared to last year. With the market into the traditional consumer season, stainless steel stocks are expected to enter the overall decline in the channel. And whether the current market inventory or stainless steel plant inventory, are significantly lower than the same period last year, low inventories of stainless steel prices to provide favorable conditions.

For the stainless steel industry, the policy side of the demand side continued to improve, the supply side tends to decline, the overall supply and demand situation is expected to improve in 2016, will help boost market confidence.

But looking ahead, the terminal demand has just improved, the stock market is still in the rising phase of the case, stainless steel prices rise so dramatically in the short term, the policy is expected to more emotional stimulating results, lack of actual market demand support, continuous late price remains to be seen, need to focus on the real start demand.