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National steel stock market fell for fifth consecutive weeks

TIME:2016-12-10   AUTHOR:   SOURCE:   VIEWS: 574

304 stainless steel plate: national steel stock market fell for the fifth consecutive week

National steel stock market fell for fifth consecutive weeks, but this week, the stock fell to the lowest in nearly five weeks, the current inventory levels lower than last year, a decrease of 8.87%. Recent steel prices rose too fast, the formation of a more significant impact on the end of the demand, while with the decline in temperature around the seasonal demand has weakened, the latter part of the market to further reduce the difficulty of inventory.

According to the National Bureau of statistics data, 1-10 months to complete the national fixed asset investment grew by 8.3%, compared with 1-9 months to accelerate the rate of 0.1 percentage points, for the second consecutive month rebounded. Among them, the month of October investment growth of 9%, the growth rate in than in September to accelerate the growth rate of 0.2 percentage points, the growth rate of investment has rebounded for the second consecutive month.

In addition, new housing construction area grew 8.1%, 1.3 percentage points higher than 1-9 months; real estate development company purchased land area of 168 million 730 thousand square meters, down 5.5%, a decline of more than 1-9 months narrowed 0.6 percentage points. In addition to significant rebound in real estate investment, the other main performance is relatively stable.

It is worth noting that, 1-10 months infrastructure investment grew by 19.4%, the growth rate was flat with 1-9 months, October infrastructure investment fell from 15.6% in September to $15.3%. 1-10 month manufacturing investment grew by 3.1%, the growth rate was flat with 1-9 months, October manufacturing investment fell from a year earlier in September to $3.1% to $5%. October fixed asset and real estate development investment growth accelerated, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure remained high, the domestic steel market demand remained at a high level.